TripLog is an electronic diary for the car, for both business and private travelling. With the help of TripLog you can easily document the trips you are doing. 

Standard driving - no ned to push buttons!
TripLog is based on your normal driving behavior; if you use the car more to run than private business registers all meter runs as a private without you pressing a single button. All your runs thus automatically recorded with time and date and number of miles. All that is required is that by installing TripLog programmer private drive as standard.

Push one button
First, when you shy from that which is set up as a standard execution: in this case that you run the job required a button press for job execution. This can be done at any time during execution.

Streamlined documentation
When you regularly move over data from Logen Trip to a PC, and write the information out on your printer, you get light and transparent lists of jobs as well as private drives with time, date and mileage. Where you've been and what you have done, type directly into the PC'n before print 

Easy to install!
TripLog is easy to assemble and are discreet in their appearance (60x95x23 mm). You place it where you want to have the suggestions preferably close to the ignition. The connection to the car happens to the four standard wires. Ask us about installation in your car.

Complete package!
TripLog-complete with software, battery adapter, PC cable, connection cable to the car (the default) and manual. Software requires a PC with Windows 95, 98 or higher.