Driveright solutions 

DriveRight lets the driver monitor himself. With audible alarms and a large LCD, the driver can see his own progress, and even watch his "safety score" improve after each trip. 
Safety Score provides instant evaluation of driver's performance and coaches driver to improve safety. Lower risks for work-related accidents by improving driver awareness and safety. Safe limits set by the company can be consistently applied throughout the fleet.

Drive Costs Down
When a driver is more aware of his tendencies and surroundings, savings follow. Alert drivers reduce wear and tear through safer braking patterns and conservative actions. No employee time spent on data entry or mileage report. Promote fuel-efficient driving by discouraging speeding and rapid acceleration.

Simple Data Stream
Generate the reports managers need simply, quickly, and effectively.
Most reports present data on a single page. Business and personal miles measured separately. Satisfies reporting needs for several government tax authorities. "Safety score" report distills all data to give each driver a safety rating.

Service scheduling
With the DriveRight collecting data and the software storing it, scheduling and performing required maintenance becomes hassle-free. Schedule vehicles for regular maintenance to avoid costly problems. Specify mileage interval between scheduled maintenance checks or repairs. Software provides alert when vehicles require scheduled maintenance.

DriveRight 500AL
Our most advanced model yet, the DriveRight Trip 500AL comes with enough memory to store information for over 500 trips and 5 "accident logs". Each trip record includes start and end times, distances, speeds, and other useful driving data. Additional features were added specifically for those interested in safety and fleet management. A single Trip 500AL may be used to monitor multiple drivers using a 4-digit Driver ID. The unit also calculates a "Driver Performance Score," based on the number of times acceleration and deceleration limits were exceeded and the amount of time spent driving over the unit's set speed limit.

In addition to its other features, the unit also includes a built-in odometer and can be programmed through the software to display a vehicle maintenance alarm at user-specified odometer mileage readings. For late model cars, the VSS Input version taps into the existing vehicle speed sensor (VSS). VSS Input is generally faster to install and better shielded from environmental stresses. The General Duty version features a universal sensor mounting kit that reads speed pulses from a magnet attached to the vehicle's drive shaft. Best for cars or light trucks without a VSS signal.
The Heavy Duty version features an upgraded universal sensor mounting kit that features stainless steel parts and longer wires for trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles.

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