About DriveSystems

DriveSystems Norge has been dealing with onboard computers(OBC) and car safety products since 1995. We have cooperation with companies worldwide, and 14 companies in Norway .

DriveSystems supply Econen and DriveRight Fleet Management systems and will arrange product training, installation & software support using our own contracted factory trained engineers

Our location at, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, contains good facilities for handling all installations.

We are proud of selling quality products included high quality implementation

DriveSystems Hanor AS
Chr. Aug. Thoringsvei 12 

Email: helge@drivesystems.no
Org.nr.: FNR964330468MVA

Tlf: +47 51 86 31 30 
Fax: +47 51 86 31 33 

URL: www.drivesystems.no